The Chic Educator’s Reading Intervention Program was designed with community in mind.

March 2020 changed the world in every area and sector forever. COVID-19 stripped the world of so much (i.e. social interactions, our protective gear, workplaces, etc) and forced us to accommodate and adjust quickly particularly in education. And although the entire world was impacted, the education world was affected the most especially the Early Childhood, birth to 3rd grade.

Due to COVID-19 children did not complete an entire school year during the 2019-2020 school year and was forced to adjust to e-learning for a long period of time without any training (WAY TO GO CHILDREN! YOU ROCK). Children were home trying to log into a platform that they have never seen for classes, while their parents worked. And if we are honest, most of the work did not get completed.

Because of this major loss in education in the Early Childhood department, I developed an e-course that will help schools and students recover a moderate amount of the time loss due to COVID-19 with intentional, instructional strategies through intervention.

I will focus on the 5 domains of Reading. (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension) I will not be assisting children with any homework or classwork given to them by their general education classroom educator.

With intentional instruction a few times a week you will be amazed at the improvement of your child’s reading grades.

Reading Intervention Package:

e-Course Package: 

  • 6 consecutive weeks of instruction
  • 2 live 50 minute live sessions per week (20 live sessions total)
  • Access to over 5,000 reading resources

e-Learning Platform Access

  • Email and password for Google classroom 
  • Username and password to Raz-Plus
  • pre-assessment, weekly progress monitoring, and post-assessment
  • bi-weekly reports 

Payment Plans 

 6 weeks – $275.00

  • one time payment of the full price ($275.00) which includes a $75 nonrefundable deposit.
  • OR $75.00  deposit and  two payments of 100 dollars due by week 3

A  $75.00 nonrefundable deposit is required  to obtain usernames and passwords for all platforms and resources by Sunday at 6pm of the first week of instruction with your child.


For an application email with the subject “I am requesting a Reading Intervention E-course application.”

Price List