1 Samuel 17:38-51

I love the story of David and Goliath because it represents my daily mental struggles.  Every day I have “mental” Goliaths to slay, depression and anxiety.  Believe it or not, but David had two Goliaths to slay as well, one mentally and the other physically. 

Through rereading this amazing story, I learned how David used the FULL ARMOR OF GOD to defeat his two Goliaths.

First Battle:

When King Saul decided to send David into battle with the giant, a slingshot and stones were not the weapons he had in mind.  King Saul decided that he was going to dress David in his own tunic, his coat of armor, and his bronze helmet.  When David fastened his own sword over King Saul’s tunic and tried walking around, he could not.

I can only imagine that King Saul had the look of a proud mom on his face who just got finished dressing her daughter or son for the senior prom. 

Now the bible doesn’t say it, but I can infer that David struggled for a bit before he told King Saul, a mean king, that he could NOT wear his armor into battle.  But even with the fear of the unknown of King Saul’s reaction, stress, and anxiety, David understood that he had to trust that God was going to see him through to the end.  Which in return gave him the courage to tell King Saul that he could not wear those items into battle because he was not used to them.

 David knew that if he entered battle as an imposter he was going to be destroyed.  You see, David was just a regular man attending to sheep when God sent Samuel to anoint him.  There wasn’t anything fancy about David (1 Samuel 16:7) … God was only for a looking for a pure heart… and David had it. 

Everything that you already have inside of you, on you, that is paired with the FULL ARMOR of God, are all you need to win your battles.  God cannot protect who you are pretending to be in battle, therefore use what you have ONLY. Knowing this afforded David his first victory. 

Second Battle:

After taking off King Saul’s armor David prepared himself by collecting new items (stones) for a tool he already had (slingshot).  Know this… believe this… feel this… God is never going to send us into any battle unprepared.  Although we may sometimes lose faith in the tools that we have, God knows better and all we have to do is trust that he will be there with us seeing us through until the end. 

David went into battle with Goliath expecting that he was going to boast and brag about how he was going to defeat him, which gave David a chance to glance him over. 

Before rushing into battle with an unknown Goliath, you have to first examine it… you have to study its moves and operations in order to know which side you should attack first. 

When the giant called David out, trying to intimidate him with his words, David did not hesitate to let him know QUICKLY (in my ghetto version of the bible) “You talking all that talk, but if you are so big and bad, then why do you need weapons… where is your god (little ‘g’) because my God is right here… and in good hip-hop culture fashion David began to run down God’s resumé to the giant. 

When the giant started moving closer towards David, David ran up on him, not allowing him any time to square up. Sometimes the only way to attack your giants is to just run right up on them and get them off balance… and have faith that God is leading you to a victory!

David reached in his bag, took out a single stone and slung it, striking the giant in the forehead… boom💥… and that giant fell to the ground in front of everyone, DEFEATED by the little shepherd boy, DAVID! 

Let me say it like this… David used a resource that God had already supplied him with (slingshot) and 1 new resource that He allowed David time to gain access to (the bible says that David looked for five smooth stones before battle) to defeat what looked like something that was going to kill him.  WORK WITH WHAT LITTLE YOU HAVE, BECAUSE WHAT THE HUMAN EYE SEES AS “NOT ENOUGH”, GOD SEES AS ABUNDANCE!

But God wasn’t finished… then, just like Mortal Kombat, God said to David, “Finish him off” … so he cut off his head and showed it to the giant’s folks.  And keeping in good hip-hop fashion, David took the head of the giant and his weapons to show his village what his God was and still is capable of.  OH, BECAUSE WE GONNA SHOW OFF FOR THE CULTURE!!!!!! #Periodt

God will allow your battles to be fought in front of the public in order to show them HIS power.

The moral of the story is… when you are fighting your giants, you have to trust and believe in the tools that God has already given you and have faith in the FULL ARMOR of God (His presence).

 I promise you, I fight battles daily.  My mind and my heart wage war against me constantly.  Through counseling and healing I have learned (and still learning) that we cannot allow the fear of our own thoughts stop us from chasing our dreams, accomplishing our goals, and defeating our Goliaths.  We gotta cut off the heads of those enemies from jump! When we wake up in the morning we have to kill those giants by speaking death to them and LIFE into ourselves.

As long as you have breath in your body, you will have battles… trust that God has you covered and YOU WILL NOT LOSE!

Happy Mental Health Awareness Day!


The Chic Educator 🍎

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