In the black community we are taught:

  1. We only take our troubles to God
  2. Feelings and emotions are for the weak
  3. Women are strong, therefore we don’t have time to be depressed or have anxiety
  4. Women don’t get tired

 I truly believe that’s why black women appear to be angry because we don’t know how to truly express ourselves… and it is for those exact reasons why I suffered for many years in silence… if I could be transparent for a moment… it was in those years that I was the most angry with God… I thought how could you allow me to carry these burdens, they are so heavy… you see, all I heard in my head was what everyone in the black community is told by others when they appear to be getting tired… HE (God) WON’T PUT MORE ON YOU THAN YOU CAN BEAR… so I kept quiet and just took it… but what I have learned is God NEVER told any of us to carry our burdens… once I got that understanding I decided to go to counseling and that was the best thing I ever did for myself 🙌🏾 You ever heard someone in the black community say just pray about it and leave it alone… WRONG WRONG SO VERY WRONG… YES, pray about it but you can’t leave it alone… you gotta get to work after that prayer… PRAYER WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD AND A MAN THAT DOESN’T WORK DOESN’T EAT #periodT… so YES, the community should tell you to pray about it and then get the work to do your part. SO TODAY, I am celebrating ME for getting to work and doing my part… I am celebrating ME for building a genuine relationship with myself and GOD… I am celebrating ME for stepping out on faith and breaking generational norms in my community… I am celebrating ME for allowing myself to have feelings and emotions… Yes LINDSEY, I am celebrating you for being brave enough to say what every other black woman knows but is too afraid to say… WE GET TIRED AND ITS OK… I am still worthy of the crown 👑 atop my COILS… #PeriodtSis… LINDSEY, girl, I LOVE YOU… I WANT YOU… AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I NEED YOU… I CANNOT DO LIFE WITHOUT YOU !

To every woman, black, white, brown, and all that falls in between, become aware of your mental health… check in with yourself daily… and most importantly get to work to help better your mental health every day.

🎉🎉🎉🎉 #blackwomengotocounseling


The Chic Educator🍎

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