I know exactly how I got here, here in this police station with blood-stained clothes… I killed her. So here I am, sitting in this interrogation room waiting to speak with officers about why I killed her and honestly its simple, “BECAUSE SHE HAD TO DIE!”… she was trying to kill me, and I had to get her before she got me… so I guess it’s self-defense, right?  I mean I have filed complaints about her stalking me… showing up everywhere I am… SHE HAD TO GO!!!! 

Police: How are you Ms. Johnson?

Me: All is well, how are you?

Police: I am doing well, can’t complain.

ME: That’s good.

Police: Ms. Johnson, do you know why you are here?

Me: Yes, I killed someone.

Police: Yes ma’am, you did… why?

Me: Because she was trying to kill me… you can pull the complaints I filed against her… she was stalking me and she told me that she was going to kill me and everything and everyone connected to me, so officer… SHE HAD TO GO!

Police:  Ma’am do you know what you are saying? Do you have representation?

Me: Yes sir, I know what I am saying and YES, I have representation… he’s the best in the business.

** Door opens and my attorney walks in**

My attorney: I am here on the behalf of my client, Lindsey Johnson.

** Officers gazing in disbelief**

Me: See, I told you I had the best in the business.  Hello God.

God: Hello Lindsey. Now about this murder charge that my client has, I demand that it be dropped immediately.

Officer: I’m sorry but I can do that, you see, she killed someone.

God: Yes, she did, in self-defense. If my memory serves me correctly you killed someone as well.

** Officers looking confused**

Officer: I’m sorry you must have me mistaken for someone else.

God: Oh, I don’t make mistakes, as a matter of fact **turns to the second officer in the room as well** you killed someone as well.

Second Officer: What are you talking about? I have never in my life killed anyone.

God: Let me refresh you all’s memories. You (first officer) do you remember that alcohol addiction you had… do you remember the man you were when were addicted to alcohol… where did he go… can you find him now… when you are in the room with alcohol, what do you do?

First officer: **blankly staring at God**

God: You had to kill that man because he was trying to kill you and take away your career and your family, right? You had to kill the lover of alcohol in order to become the person you are today, right? Therefore, you killed someone, and now, you are FREE.

**God turns to the second officer who just happens to be a woman**

God: And you, what happened to the woman who craved sex, having to have it morning, noon, and night with whomever and wherever… what happened to the woman that was about to lose her marriage because she had to fulfill her sexual desires… what happened to the woman who slept with her boss and her husband’s best-friend… can you find her for me?

**Second officer stares at God with tears streaming down her face**

God: You killed her right… Do you still have your marriage?

Second officer: ** tearfully nods yes**

God: Are you FREE?

Second Officer: **whispers** Yes

God: Both of you committed murder and both of you were forgiven and set FREE, therefore, you MUST LET MY CLIENT GO because she did is exactly what you all did… SHE KILLED THE ENEMY THAT WAS USING HER OWN VOICE TO KILL HER…  That is why she must be set free… that is why she must be release from this place because the longer she stays in this place the more she is going to be punished simply because she chose to protect herself.

**Both officers turned to look at each other**

Second officer: ** removes the handcuffs**

First officer: Ms. Johnson, you are free to go!

 If you follow my blog and if you read my forgiveness series then you will know that I was recently released from the prison that my daddy issues, God, and my depression and anxiety had me in.  Recently my anxiety tried to put me back in prison, but I wasn’t having it… I KILLED THAT ENEMY… well you can’t really kill anxiety because like Lord Voldemort, she always finds a way to return… but just like Harry, I WILL ALWAYS WIN!… Harry had his parents and I have God!

First moral of this story: Stop trying to hold people to who they use to be because we all had to (or have to) be set free from something that kept us (or is keeping us) in bondage at some point in our lives… when you try to keep someone in bondage you are stopping their growth… you are stopping their ability to move from where they are in bondage to where God wants them to be in FREEDOM. Because one day you may find yourself in bondage again and you are going to want or NEED someone to set you free.



The Chic Educator 🍎

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