Matthew 25:14-30 is about a man who gave his servants bags of gold in which he expected them to invest and when they return he expected a return on his investments. He gave each servant different amounts of gold… one had five bags, one three bags, and one only had one bag. Two of the servants went out and put their gold to work and doubled the amount that the man had given them. However, the servant that only had one bag of gold did not do anything with the gold that he received and when it was time to return, he returned with what he was given. The man instructed a guard to take the one bag of gold away from the man and give it to one of the men who brought him a return on his investment.

God has invested purpose and talents in all of us. He has given us all gifts to use for the glory of his kingdom and if we do not use them he will surely take them away and give them to someone else.

Follow me… I’m going to bless you…

God has blessed all of us this year… 2021 is the year of recovery… in 2020 a lots of folks loss a lot but if we are honest we also gained a lot as well… for example, we gained knowledge about who we are… most of us never spent that much time alone with ourself… and we learned a lot about the people around us… and what some loss were jobs, money, time, some friendships, some loss relationships and marriages and others loss folks close to their hearts by death…

Therefore, it is my belief that God decided to open up those windows of heaven and pour us out some blessings… now I’m not saying that this is an overflow blessing for everyone but for some this is a complete overflow…

So, I began this blog post discussing a Bible parable about the man who invested in his servants by giving them each different amounts of gold to invest… with our stimulus money each of us will receive different amounts… don’t allow what someone else is getting effect how you look at your blessings… believe me, even with one bag… with ONE STIMULUS CHECK … you can invest it and turn it into something that will elevate your life and magnify the kingdom of heaven… even with ONE STIMULUS CHECK you can change the lives of the people around you… the Bible never said how much was in each bag… the man just told his servants to use what he had given them and make sure he gets a return on his investment… and that is exactly what God wants us to do with our purpose and blessings… just ensure that he gets a return on what his has invested in each of us… the Bible didn’t even say how or what the servants did to get the return on the man’s investment… if your purpose only helps a few, it’s ok because all God wants is a return… don’t be like the man who didn’t do anything with the bag of gold he was given because he only had one bag… REMEMBER NAS ONLY HAD ONE MIC AND HE DEMOLISHED JAY-Z (sorry Jay but you know that’s FACTS)… and if you wanna go biblical… remember DAVID ONLY HAD 5 SMOOTH STONES AND A SLINGSHOT AND DEFEATED A GIANT… it only takes 1 good investment in your purpose to change your life and some lives around you!

Now, I am not telling you how to spend your stimulus money… however, I want you to understand that this is a blessing that we may never EVER see come in this form again… therefore, I want to encouraging you to take a portion of your money, set it aside (it doesn’t have to be much), and create a plan to use that money to invest in your purpose so that our Heavenly Father can receive a return on his investment and blessings… and so that you will continue to receive unexpected blessings throughout your life.


The Chic Educator 🍎

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