Scars serve as a reminder of the battles you have fought and WON, therefore, SCARS MATTER.

On your journey to healing you will get scars, it is inevitable… whether your scars are physical scars or scars/bruises to your ego, you will get scars. NEVER try to cover up your scars because they are apart of your story, they are trophies of your VICTORIES. They also serve as a “self reminder” of the valleys you crawled out of, the mountains you climbed, and the Goliaths you slayed. SCARS MATTER!

However, sometimes where we all go wrong is when we do not allow our wounds to heal. When we see a scab, we assume that the wound is healed… BUT… a scab means that the wound is HEALING. The wound is healed when the new skin underneath the scab is revealed… leaving a scar. Therefore, we cannot try to continue on our journey as normal when we have a scab because at any moment that scab will come off and we will end up wounded or bruised in that same area again. And I don’t know about anyone else, but when I re-injure myself in the same area it always hurts worse the second time around.

Quick story: my cousin broke his leg doing a backflip off of the house when we were “youngins”. Of course he had to get a cast on his leg so that it could heal PROPERLY, but like any ol’ country boy, he thought because he had a cast on his leg it was going to heal the way it was supposed to. Therefore, he went about his day doing what country boys do… bike riding, back flips (on the ground tho), running around the neighborhood, trips to the beach, you name it and he did it. After his weeks were up, the doctors took the cast off. After the removal of the cast he thought he was free from that issue forever… he thought his leg was healed. Well, like a couple decades later, he discovered that cancer had developed in that same leg he had broken because he did not allow his leg to properly heal during the healing process.

Piggybacking off of the posting from last week (Moving Forward), YOU HAVE TO ALLOW YOURSELF TIME TO HEAL.

Sometimes, however, even after healing you may still have a little pain in that area… that pain simply serves as a reminder of what you overcame… my cousin now walks with a limp on that leg because he had to go through surgery to get the cancer removed, the limp serves as a reminder to him that he can’t skip the healing process.

What do you need to do in the healing process… SIT STILL AND BE QUIET… simple but so hard. It’s not the “sit still” part that is hard for me… it’s the “BE QUIET” part that always gets me stuck in the process causing me to have to start all back over.

You also need to take care of your wounds during the healing process… clean your wounds, change the bandages, and apply ointment…. what do I mean by that… when you clean something you are taking the dirt and bacteria away… right? YOU HAVE TO REMOVE WHATEVER CAUSED YOUR WOUND(S)! If you do not remove the CAUSE the EFFECT will be continuous aggravation of that wound or wounds until it causes you to make a knee-jerk decision that may cause more harm than good.

Changing the bandages of a wound gives it a fresh start with a clean surface… YOU HAVE TO GIVE YOURSELF A FRESH START EVERY DAY… this is a struggle for me at times because I often carry baggage from one situation to the next which is completely unhealthy, however I am learning and growing in this area. I am learning to wrap myself in the bandages of God’s grace and mercy which gives me a fresh surface daily without me even having to ask for it.

Applying ointment to me means to apply the ANOINTING. I AM A BELIEVER IN GOD AND JESUS, therefore I believe in their words and I believe that what God told us and showed us through his son Jesus Christ is exactly the “ointment” we need to apply in our lives in order for us to heal.

We all have SCARS… we all have pains that reminds us of our battles, however, instead of looking at them as ugly marks or shame I want to challenge you to look at them as steps that are getting you closer to your purpose, steps that are helping to build your strength in FAITH, and steps that are helping you to understand that you are still here living and breathing because you did not GIVE IN to the situations that caused the scars.

SCARS ARE IMPORTANT… some would even argue that scars build character… I say they make you beautiful… so show your scars off because there is NO SHAME connected to a battle you WON!


The Chic Educator 🍎

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