Happy birthday Lynn… I understand the fear that you have turning 34 due to the fact that that was the age of your sister when she passed… but you have to continue to live… and really live because she didn’t have a chance to and because she would want you to… NOW, on another note… I am so proud of you… you took your pain passion purpose and created a business out of it and even though THE CHIC EDUCATOR, LLC is getting off to a slow start, IT IS YOUR BRAND… so my beloved, take your time… SO I SAY THIS IN THE MOST CONCEDED, CONFIDENT, SINCERE, HUMBLE WAY I KNOW HOW… don’t you ever stop being your own cheerleader… don’t you ever stop clapping for yourself… DON’T YOU EVER DIM YOUR LIGHT… ALWAYS BE THE BRIGHTEST STAR IN THE ROOM… and always, always remember YOU CAN PROVIDE YOUR OWN $40… Through his son JESUS, God will always make a way for you… NEVER STOP THANKING GOD FOR JESUS…

Happy birthday Lynn… BOOK #34 is going to be a great one to read… it’s going to be filled with ADVENTURES and FIRSTS… LOVE YOU DEEP MY BELOVED, .
Lynn 💋 10/17

Young Lynn

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