America, If you think being a woman is hard, try being a black woman, a black mother, a black wife… black women in America have always been treated worse than second class-citizens… just blatantly disrespected… ridiculed and teased about the curves of our hips and the plumpness of our lips… about the kinks of our hair… and the skin tone that we wear…. America, you display such hate towards us but then you turn right around and imitate us… you take our culture and try to appropriate it… Bo Derek braids my ass… you take pictures of us to the doctor so that he can sculpt your bodies with every curve we naturally wear… Some parts of you America spend hours on beaches or in a tanning salons trying to mimic the melanin that Mother Nature graciously gave us… I know, I know we wear long weaves and straight hair but can you blame us… in order for us to survive in America, in your world, we have to put on that costume you so desperately want us to wear… A costume that makes us less threatening to you… a costume that, if we allow it, will strips us from our culture, our heritage…

You think being a woman is hard, try being a black woman. 

Try being a black woman who worries day in and day out about her children’s whereabouts and if her husband or beloved will come home at night… that’s why black women hold them so tight.

Do you know how it feels to be judged every second of every day… oh she’s not smiling so she’s mean or she’s smiling too much so she’s flirting… and don’t let a black woman show passion, then she’s angry… oh she moved up in the company… who did she sleep with to get there… you think being a woman is hard America, try being a black woman…

Do you know how it feels to have to be stronger than Superman? Do you know how it feels to have the weight of the world on your shoulders day in and day out, being everything that your family needs and more? Well what about the children’s father(s) or our husbands you ask… good question… well America, if you would stop being afraid of the color of their skin, the deepness of their voices, and the strength of their arms and backs then maybe they could find a job to help… and I’m not saying all black men can’t find a job but what I am saying is why do our men have to be less black to work in corporate America… no afros or locs allowed… which creates in them a complex making them forget who they are and who has their backs… THE BLACK WOMAN!

America, do you know how it feels to go to the doctor suffering from agonizing pain but not taken seriously because we, black women, are said to not feel pain… so America please run and tell every doctor you know that YES, WE FEEL PAIN… we feel the pain of our ancestors, of our spouses, of our children… we feel both physical and emotional pain… America, no matter how strong you think we are… YES , we feel pain… you think being a woman is hard, try being a black woman.

Try being a single black woman looking for a soulmate, it’s so hard because more than likely America, you have made him an inmate. America you said that that’s not your fault… he should’ve obeyed the laws… oh you’re talking about those same laws that were create at a round table by white men who all owned our ancestors… the same laws that once said that blacks were only 3/4 of a person… or the laws created after the government dumped drugs in our communities…. those laws… oh you’re not joking… you’re talking about those laws…

I must admit, equal pay is what every American needs and desires but while you are fighting for equality in the workplace America, we are fighting for the right just to be BLACK on this stolen land…. the equality that we are seeking is deeper than pay… you think being a woman is hard, try being a black woman…

America, have you ever had a law created to protect your hair from being discriminated against? Yes, I said hair… well check out the latest law that a few states recently made, California is one of them, a law that puts an end to hair discrimination… silly right… I thought so too because it’s so puzzling that it offends you, America, that we want to wear our hair the way it naturally grows out of our heads. Is it that Afros or locs makes us too black?… I’m just trying to figure it out.

Now don’t get me wrong America, I know it’s not all of you, however its a lot of you and because of that I am cautious of all of you… America is not limited to one race or one culture that treats black women with such disrespect because believe it or not we hate us too… but we learned that from you… YES, America, I said it, we learned to hate our own from YOU!

I am proud to be a black woman… I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world… you see, everything that offends you makes me smile and fall more in love with myself. Whenever I see a black woman standing firm in her blackness I smile and say look at that QUEEN and I am sure to compliment her, because America, I know you won’t… you will gaze in awe at her beauty but then cut her down with you hateful and evil ways. Black women and BLACK MEN… remember to give every BLACK QUEEN love and respect because you know what she’s going through.

Yes, black queens we are the most educated group in America and I know it’s difficult having to be twice as good as America in everything that we do… it’s exhausting just think about it… and it shouldn’t be that way. What can we do about it you ask? Great question… WEAR YOUR CROWN! Be authentically you! I want you to understand that it’s ok to cry and it’s ok to ask for help… that doesn’t make your crown tilt nor fall… it makes you stronger and it gives you a chance to rest and get that Super Mario power up! I do not believe that we were created to endure all that we do but the fact that we welcome the challenge and fight battles every day AND WIN is super inspiring and DOPE to me. You carry your strength so well QUEENS, with every stride of your step and with every smile that you give. It amazes me that every QUEEN that I meet, I know she is fighting many battles, but she’s doing it with such style and grace… it’s just amazing… keep it up QUEENS because I’m watching and learning and loving it! 

I love you my black queens and remember we are stronger when we are united!


The Chic Educator 🍎

That’s that Melanin!

I do not own the rights to the pictures of the women in this blog nor do I own the rights to the music.

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