Ma, there are not enough words in the dictionary that can truly express how I feel about you… all I can say is thank you… thank you for everything.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally. I know that hasn’t always been an easy thing to do but you did it anyway. Even when I was bitter and angry you still loved me. You never gave up on me… you always pushed me to be better… thank you so much. I remember telling you that I wanted to drop out of school in the 8th grade and sell drugs. I don’t even know how that made you feel but I would assume that I may have hurt your feelings, but you never gave up on me… and for that I am very appreciative. You prayed for me and continued to encourage me to finish school and though it was a struggle I did it… you never allowed me to settle for less.

Thank you for showing me what hard work is and what it looks like.  I can remember you teaching all day during regular school hours… and then teaching after school… then adult education classes at night… and even summer school and EVERY night we had meal on the table and breakfast in the morning. Ktari and I would walk up the street to meet you sometimes to walk you home when you taught night classes and you never seemed to be tired… even after all of that you still had time for us. Because of your hard work and determination, my siblings and I never wanted for anything… you made it happen… BY YOURSELF… we never had to worry about if we were going to have enough to eat or if we were going to have lights and water… thank you.

For my 8th grade prom you bought me this cream dress that had flowers at the bottom of it… I thought that was the world’s ugliest dress and I was embarrassed to wear it (I even took my picture sitting down because I didn’t want anyone to see my dress). I expressed to you that I did not like the dress and you told me to wear that or don’t go… I didn’t understand it then but now I get it and I would like to apologize for being ungrateful and I want to say thank you for not spending unnecessary money on a dress that I was only going to wear one time.

When you dropped me off to South Carolina State University I was so angry with you because I felt like you were abandoning me, but now I understand that if you had not dropped me off I would not have gone to college. So, thank you for pushing me to better myself and for giving me tough love.

December 2004, Ktari was schedule to have a kidney transplant and I was suppose to take care of Myrakel and Lelani while you all were in Charleston but God had other plans. I don’t know how you felt when you got the call that I was being admitted into the hospital due to blood clots in my lungs… but I know it had to be stressful. You had two kids in the hospital at the same time, one on each end of Interstate 26, and you handled it with such style and grace, never showing me that you were worried or stressed… but I know you were.

Thank you for being the best Ganny in the world. The way you love and care for all of your grandchildren is simply amazing. You take up so much time with them, especially Keeghan… I don’t know what I would do without you. All of your grandchildren are so very lucky to have you.

If I had to describe you in one word it would be… STRENGTH… you are the strongest person I know… and ma, I love you so much… you are my #1 role model… you are everything that I want to be and more.

I hope I am making you proud.

Happy Mother’s Day Ma!



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  1. Georgette says:

    I’m over joyed with the way you love and appreciate your family. Once again you’ve brought me to tears but they’re tears of gratitude. I’m grateful you and you’re family are a part of my village.


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