My 1st group of babies 2012-2014 (kinder and 1st grades)

“A teacher teaches basic skills; however, an EDUCATOR EDUCATES a child through inspiration, challenging their minds, and through the ability to get students to believe that they can make the impossible, possible with an education.” -Ms. L. J. Johnson 

What makes a medical doctor, a doctor? The fact that he/she graduated from a medical program and passed MCAT.  What makes an attorney, an attorney? The fact that he/she graduated from law school and passed the BAR.  What makes a nurse, a nurse? The fact that he/she graduated from a nursing program and passed the NCLEX. 


Now the big question is, “WHY IS IT WHEN SOMEONE GRADUATES WITH A DEGREE IN EDUCATION THEY ARE CALL A “TEACHER”? In order to work in the GREATEST PROFESSION ON EARTH “EDUCATORS” had to take exams, PRAXIS I, PRAXIS II, PLT, and as if that wasn’t good enough South Carolina required all EDUCATORS, new, mid-career, and close to retirement, to get a READ TO SUCCEED endorsement on their certificate at their expense if the district could not or would not pay for it.  (thank you to Ms. Lelia Williams and Dr. Thomas-Dixon for finding funding to pay for my endorsement). To earn that endorsement, educators had to take FOUR online courses while planning developmentally appropriate lessons for students and effectively educating the students with an ABSOLUTE ZERO PAY RAISE for getting this endorsement!

Grant it, I know that there is more to every profession besides getting a degree and passing a test, but if a medical degree and passing the MCAT entitles someone to be called a medical doctor, and a law degree and passing the BAR entitles someone to be called an attorney, and a nursing degree and passing the NCLEX entitles someone to be called a nurse… THEN, WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT, A DEGREE IN EDUCATION WARRANTS THE TITLE OF EDUCATOR.  To some a title doesn’t matter, but in MY opinion if they are not going to pay us more they can at least get our title right.

What is an Educator?

According to Google, a teacher is someone that teaches basic skills such as teaching someone to tie their shoes, play basketball, drive a car, etc. HOWEVER, An educator EDUCATES a child through planned, innovative, data driven lessons. And not just any lessons, lessons that MUST meet the needs of every learner through reasonable accommodations, large and small group instruction, and for some students, individualized lessons.

Not just anyone can be an educator… it takes grit, talent, patience, love, and the ability to hold one’s pee for hours!  


Educators have studied and obtained information and skills to do their best to effectively reach each child that crosses their threshold. They have to be able to accommodate and adjust at any given moment. For example, if the school decides to have a surprise assembly at the same time as a scheduled math assessment, the classroom educator has to quickly rearrange his/her schedule to fit in the assessment next day.

Educators are superheroes as well… with the super power of eating, monitoring children, grading papers, and responding to emails at the same time. The best super power that they possess is the ability to see through walls… for example, educators have to be able to see in both restrooms and monitor students in the hallway at the same time… WHEW… THAT’S A SUPER POWER!

Seriously, educators have studied their craft, cultivated their skills, and jumped through every hoop that federal and state policies require for their profession.  Through continuous research and practicing in their specific field of study, educators are preparing children for jobs and careers that have not been created.  

To all of my fellow EDUCATORS I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting up every day, rolling up your sleeves, and getting down to business through challenging the minds of students and working to make yourself THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO.  

You are an EDUCATOR… WE ARE EDUCATORS… There is not a profession on this Earth that is better than ours… know that, believe that, and internalize that.  Nothing will ever beat being an EDUCATOR in any compacity!  We have entered this profession wholeheartedly and we give our all to every child that we come in contact with. (I’m talking about real EDUCATORS).  Our profession may pay less but our profession is definitely the MOST REWARDING. (although a significant raise in pay would be greatly appreciated)

WE are world changers, we are profession creators, we help to shape the minds of individuals through equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to become productive members of society… I tip my hat to you!

To all of my non-educators… when you see an EDUCATOR , thank an educator for their dedication to this wonderful profession.



The Chic Educator 🍎

P.S. Yes, just like some of my colleagues throughout this profession, I thought about giving up on being an educator many times due to various reasons but being an educator is apart of my DNA and so, in this profession, I am here to stay because I LOVE IT!


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